Friday, April 16, 2010

Rainbow's Bend

When buds retreat into the branch in spring
and autumn leaves rise to the trees and sing,
the rainbow bends its gaudy ear to see
the ends of rivers rising from the sea.

The midnight sky blazes with stars so black
but morning brings the sunny darkness back,
banishing colour to the shadow lands,
and shattering the eyes with spectral bands.

Glittering hours rise with the glassy sands,
four thumbs oppose one finger on each hand,
our anti-clocks rewind their flaccid springs
and factories unmake our precious things.

The tongue drinks in the babbling from our ears
and quickly learns that all our hopes are fears.
The heavy heart pumps blood into our veins,
and sends old nightmares back into our brains.

The law of levity now rules the Earth
and every creature clamours for its birth,
fleeing golden beginnings to their end,
beyond the flatness of the rainbow's bend.