Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moon Shade

The streetlights glimmer on the cobblestones,
an old horse drags its load with weary bones.
No moonlight shows beneath the looming cloud,
the sudden crash of chords is very loud.

The heavy figure seated in the gloom
glowers into the shadows of the room,
hunched forward, raising strong hands from his knees
he runs cold fingers over minor keys.

An angry heart heaves and sobs in his chest,
felt hammers rise and fall; he'd done his best.
Remembering the softness of her face,
the notes move softly at a steady pace.

Rubato and arpeggio combine
as gentle ripples on the waters shine:
guttering candles gleam upon an eye
filled with grief's passion but too proud to cry.

The Moon's bullion weighs heavy on his heart,
not yet transmuted into gold by art.
First, the adagio must dull the pain,
as blunt fingers caress the sad refrain.

Harsh anger waits, as it repeats again,
building ready to unleash waves of pain,
but the melody weaves its soothing spell
and his moon shadowed spirit serves him well.

Horrowitz plays Adagio from Moonlight Sonata

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