Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last Stand

What is the mystery of Dave Mustaine?
But the fans just scowl when asked to explain.
Maybe it was the long, strawberry hair
or the screwed up face with its intense stare.

The drugs were heavy but the metal was free
when Dave was cast from the family tree.
Get even with Cat Stevens was what he planned
and after a long intro. formed a band.

Metallica played in the clubs round LA
Dave, Lars and James were the cult of their day,
One night of Trauma, Cliff went over the top,
but even in Frisco their fame didn't stop.

A contract with Megaforce turned them around,
so off to New York in a van they were bound.
When they got there Dave was drunk as a skunk,
was told by the boys, "pack your bags, you're sunk".

Back in LA, Megadeath was born, with
two Daves and a King old contracts were torn,
and some Rash drumming made them a killing
but, like fresh blood, new members kept spilling.

Screwed up with drugs, Dave continued to play
but messed up Alice's cover one day.
Cleaning his act he became a bell-weather
with movies and acting his shit came together.

But heroin's needle and fast playing technique
had taken its toll, and left him too weak.
The damage was done and had broken the band:
his fans wonder if he'll make a last stand.

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