Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poisson d'Avril

April is the wettest month, cruelly
raining fish on the backs of gobby fools
or loosing doves too early from the Ark.
The cookoo may be heard but most likely
it will be violation of your bird
or the nightingale, "jug, jug, jug", you heard.

In Rome, hilarious laughter can be heard.
as the unkindest cut is cruelly
applied to Spring's first sacrificial bird,
or laughing at some ship of wayward fools
embarking on voyages unlikely
to find the scattered wreckage of the Ark.

Mooning or staring at the rainbow's arc,
when you should be tending your father's herd,
could brand you as a noodle unlikely
to inherit the flock or be cruelly
cast out to spend your days among those fools
at the pub, waiting for the next free bird.

In France, poissin d'Avril may get the bird,
but she may not be pure as Jean d'Arc,
gold digging femmes are always after fools
who often lose their family jewels I've heard.
Keep your wits about you or be cruelly
caught out by Poisson's probability.

In Scotland cover your arse, or likely
it will be kicked hard like some Taily bird.
They'll hang a 'kick me' sign and you'll cruelly
get the boot from Celtic to Rangers' Park.
As April Gowk your pained cries will be heard,
warnings to other unsuspecting fools.

Australian's monthly pinch and punch their fools.
Spain's calendar remains the same, likely
it won't change, it seems they haven't yet heard
the Gregorian chant: too slow the crow bird
flies to catch the dove returning to the Ark,
but inquisitions still hurt cruelly.

April fools are treated cruelly like
the Ark's Dodos, unlikely to arrive,
but birds as croquet bats, are rarely heard. 

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