Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Entropy Knows Best

Fragments, shards and raindrops
shatter, splinter, fall,
a scattering destruction,
an ever present pall
covering the sad remains
of life's weakly constructed hall.

Mountains, rocks and pebbles
become sand between the toes,
and after that who knows, who knows
where the world will go,
as the wind blows and blows
away the fruits of accidental love.

The greedy eye informs the brain
of this infinite illusion,
and makes all things whole again,
which adds to the confusion
between the living and the dead,
between fulsome heart and empty head.

Build up, assemble and repair
all that was ever made
but the destroyer will not despair,
entropy, remaining unafraid,
will take it all apart again
until the last atom is mislaid.


  1. love this strong poem, how you relate the forces of nature :)

  2. Hi Tony,

    Beautiful poem... not all is a greedy eye, you´re very good at lifting the veil on illusion. All the best, keep up with the tweets.


  3. What a happy accident to find this here! I have known you only as a political tweeter that I depend on, a rational voice in the wilderness, and now I discover the artist too! Thank you,O most noble Grecian!