Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lily Moon

Dancing girl, why do you look behind? Wild
Glancing eyes, scorning the pursuing wind;
Rhythmically, round your thighs a serpent ties.
Cyprian, what is your gift to us? Lovely
Naked sea virgin without modesty,
Uranian, silver bell, cockleshell.
Eve, why not to your Adam cleave? Even if
You don't believe that wickedness must come,
Calamitous, apple bite, no respite.

Ghost woman, why do you stand and stare? Through
Corncockle eyes, Earth's skies seen from the moon,
Hyacinthine, waxen flesh, frozen breath.
Grisly shade, what are you waiting for? Bare
Breasts adorned with rowanberry crests,
Adamantine, sickle moon, suckle soon.
Ragged maid, what do you want of man? Fair
Your lime bleached hair, a sea of golden rain,
Labyrinthine, wicker cage, fire's rage.

Dark eyed girl, why are you crying? Under
Periwinkle skies rent by peacock's cries,
Mistress divine purified by fatal sign.
Belle Dame, what Saviour do you pray for? He
With purple brow crowned with bloody black thorn,
Arbitrary death, chest torn, women mourn.
Lily Moon, what bloody rites have you seen? Queen,
Your holly lair a sea of waving green,
Sanguinary, waxy sheen, women keen,
Rending hair, Living out your hopeless dream,
Unto eternity.

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